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Ružica literally translates to “Little Rose”, named after the very shape of bread this packaging was produced for. It tells a story of home, family, culture and tradition. A staple food, bread is treated with a special respect and for that it is wrapped in a tea towel and kept in a bread bin. This packaging solution is honouring that tradition by taking the bread out of plastic bag as we buy it these days, and placing it into a biodegradable and recyclable container.

  • Strategy

    Brand strategy, Content, Communication

  • Design

    Custom typography, Illustration, Die line, Print & Die cutting

  • Tools

    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Photography


of 2019 Visual Communication cohort at Western Sydney University.


In 2021 I had a task to reinvent an existing project and give it a major makeover. That task fell onto “Ruzica”. Being a project that told a story of family, culture and old traditions, I thought of another product from the same neck of woods as the rose bread rolls, namely rakia. Liquor distilled from any fruits growing in the soil of Balkans.